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07 March 2014

Dressage Lessons - Part II

Lyn and I had our dressage lessons again this afternoon.  She again rode first, Archie and I rode second.  In the rain!  He's toughening up though.  I've already said once before that we cannot afford to be pansies about the weather.  I think he's working well, and I thought Lyn and Boz went beautifully.  I still hate my position on the horse, but it can only get better.  As I tell myself, I've actually only been riding for 3 weeks now.  So I guess it's not all that bad.  What's important is that we are improving!  It's making me deliriously happy, all this time on top of a horse. 

Tomorrow is the Australian Cup.  I've got good memories, and not so good memories, from this meeting at Flemington.  Racing, and life, can be like that!

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