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06 March 2014

Two Hands??????

I often wonder how much better and easier my shoots would be if I had the benefit of a regular 2nd person.  Clearly that person would have to be fabulous, that's a given.  The benefits are clear cut.  On raceday and on farm shoots for example if the person you have with you can actually shoot you can cover the event in question from 2 completely different angles and using 2 different focal lengths.  

Trainers are busy and impatient people.  They are prone to begin tapping their watch impatiently in about 90 seconds.  In shoots such as these, which is what I was doing this morning, having someone fabulous who will move a light stand about (or stop it from sailing wildly into the air on a windy day!), or holding a reflector up, and/or playing the role of "The Lovely....." (aka my fabulous person on props), it would be a godsend too.  I know it would make the images wildly better too, particularly if the person instinctively knew where and how I wanted the horse to stand, which direction I wanted the precious pony to look, and which areas needed either a lot or a little bit of fill light.....  

It makes me sigh, shake my head, take a deep breath and try to put it out of my mind.  I like to think it will become possible though.  One day......

Finally, just for a little bit of triva, one of my Facebook friends shared this...  I can safely put my hand on my heart and say with complete and utter certainty that I will never ever be this person.  I think I went pale just reading it... 

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