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29 March 2014

Paying the Price

I've had a thoroughly nice day today.  However despite this I suddenly find myself feeling incredibly down about things.  Is it missing out on the day's racing at Rosehill?  I should have been there, that's for sure.  I groaned internally when I saw the result of the George Ryder Stakes.  

In catching up with the day's racing action through the various online sources of the Herald Sun, Facebook and Twitter I came across an article written by Wayne Bennett.  I always liked Wayne.  I don't particularly like Rugby League but found myself in the days that it was on television always drawn to the teams he coached because I thought he was such a great person.  

Wayne Bennett, for whatever strange reason, reminds me a little bit of Clint Eastwood.  Heath's old kindergarten teacher once gave me a great and funny bit of advice.  He said whenever I was faced with a difficult situation or decision to ask myself "What would Clint do??"  

Just a little bit of trivia.....

"That’s the price you pay in relationships.  The greater the relationship, the greater the pain"   Wayne Bennett

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