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22 July 2013

The Creamy Kitty

My creamy kitty Maxie was overjoyed to see us when we walked through the door last night.  He's been well cared for by my terrific neighbours, but these long trips are hard.  He was like glue last night.  Wherever I went, he went, as a constant, purring, kitty on my lap.  This is him today helping me with the washing, which there seemed to be loads of.  

Yes, my washing and housework still lacks finesse.  As always, my defence is that you can't be good at everything.  However the groceries have been done, all the washing done, and the horse fed.  I'm trying to get through the mountain of things I have to get through.  And Maxie has just made it harder for me to type, by joining me at my desk again, and sitting purring on my lap.

This afternoon the kids and I watched one of my favourite movies from when I was growing up, the rabbit story Watership Down.  The kids have gotten very keen on rabbits since our trip.  And this evening we started reading the book as our night time story.  I'm insanely pleased to be reading it again.  And they are loving it, and asking lots of questions about the world of the rabbits in Watership Down.  They particularly like the use of 'rah' at the end of the rabbit who becomes Chief Rabbit's name. 

No, I am not the sort of person who could ever be accused of wanting to do mean things to rabbits.  I know that they (in the wild) are pests and a real problem and need controlling.  But I always get excited when I see a rabbit on my paddock trips.  And when I used to work at CSIRO, I really liked the fact that a little rabbit that took up residence outside my office window.

Maxie helps me do the washing.  He actually looks quite 'blue' in some light, and then beautifully creamy in other lights.

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