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16 July 2013

Busy Days

Last night I had one of those sleeps that can at best be described as disturbed, at worst, downright awful.  I hate nights like this, when all thoughts, good and bad, combine to go rushing wildly through my mind, preventing me from sleeping.  On nights like this, it is true to say that the morning light (which we photographers generally cherish anyway) is a very welcome sight.  

We have a busy day today.  I hope it's a good day today.  And Thursday and Friday will be just as busy.  Tomorrow we pack up our things from our lovely stay here in North Fitzroy.  One of the lovely things about this area is that it's so close to my sister.  Her boys walked down from her Tap Hall, to have dinner and baths with us while she worked.  And then she picked them up and took them home.  Tonight I will pick them up after they have soccer training, while my sister is again at work, and they'll stay here till she finishes.  The kids thrive when they see family.  It's a nice thing for them.

Poor Benne....  I will miss him on my next trip north to the pastures of Arrowfield Stud.
My Prince...  More Than Ready.

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