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27 July 2013

New books, and a key ring to die for..

I'm not sure that I've achieved all that much today.  I decided against taking the camera to soccer today, because I wanted to call in at Myer to try to get the kids some clothes and some shoes, seeing as they had their final markdowns on a lot of things.  And we called in to the ABC Shop, which is always fun, just for good measure. 

I bought a couple of books published by ABC Books.  One is Shane Jacobsen's new book "The Long Road to Overnight Success".  I love him as an actor, he's ace, and he's also in one of my favourite shows that's currently on ABC, called The Time of Their Lives (mostly I watch it on iView after my brother set up the clever networky extender thingy, that connects into the posh Blue Ray DVD player that he also gave us as another hand-me-down.  

I really need to start sitting down with a good book, especially at night, and I've loved working with the team at ABC Books so much over this past 12 months, so buying 2 books published by them seemed like a great idea.  I also bought a super cool diecast Dalek keyring, which we all (ESPECIALLY Heath!) think is ace. 

I let the kids choose something small from Myer, and while I was waiting for them, I phoned a friend in Melbourne.  I like the the fact that even though he is almost always very busy he almost always answers my phone call, and he phones me back if he was too busy when I called.  It's a nicer experience than being friends with people who only ever bother to talk via lazier mediums, like text messages, emails or other messaging mediums, or who don't even bother to answer a message.

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