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29 July 2013

Awards and a Jumping Lesson

I had my jumping lesson this morning with Grant. Was I stupidly pleased to see Snips? That's a definite yes. I'm getting very fond of this boy. It is a very bad habit of mine. I'd forgotten to grab his carrots out of the fridge before I left home. But I was rescued by the box of sugar cubes I has successfully planted in my handbag for Freelance. And I'm happy to report that Snips is a horse who knows about the humble sugar cube. Good boy!!  I gave him a couple just as I got on, and after this he kept turning his head hopefully back towards me while I was on top of him. But I didn't think Grant would approve of mid lesson sugars so I resisted the urge to lean forward and give him while before we got serious.  But I was sorely tempted.

Having only ridden once in the last 3 and a half weeks I didn't feel super balanced to begin with. But Grant said we did great and that is ridden him much better than last time and he thinks we are getting better. So I was v pleased with that.

I still get my lefts and rights hopelessly confused and Grant thinks it is funny that I have to be already on the rein I'm going to start an exercise on because I can't visualise it and then I get it back the front. So when Grant is giving me my "course" instructions and the course starts with me riding on the left rein, I have to be already riding Snips on the left rein to be able to understand the instructions and which jumps I'm doing and from which direction. If I'm not I bugger it up.

Snips and I had a big cuddle when we finished, and I gave him the remaining sugars cubes from my pocket. He's gorgeous. As I left and paid for my lesson I laughed to the girls in the office that Grant said I am getting better not worse.  And I admit that I think about Snips quite a lot.

After my lesson I had some work to get through. And I have finally started my Walkley Award entry. But that narrowing down thingy..... It kills me! There are a few stand out images that are easy to choose. But with others I find myself saying "this one, or this one??? What about that one? Oh dear, but she looks lovely in this one too?? Now what???"

I am half way through one entry, and am trying to pick which beach image to include. I am truly terrible. I like too many of them. Just because of the subtle differences in The Famous Pony in each image. I took these beach images on 24th of January this year. A tough day.

I've also got some re-photoshopping and/or touching up to do to make some of the images look their best. Which will keep me out of trouble. And I'm getting my 2012-2013 Tax Return done nice and early, with my appointment already booked in for a fortnight's time. Who's impressed????

I stretch my aching left arm and shoulder. Yes. Snips is still heavy on that left rein. I haven't mastered that yet. But it did feel a bit better than last time. Which, seeing I haven't ridden in a few weeks, is probably a good sign.

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