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04 July 2013

No Dan..... No...........

I'm at Capital Subaru. My hard working and honest Dan is sitting in the sick bay. The lovely Phil who is always ace is getting him looked at.

We had a little over heating problem on the way to work. Started with the temperature gauge fluttering up as I passed Phillip. This caused me to double back with a guilty "I haven't checked my water for weeks" flashing across my mind.

The water thingy the coolant goes in was empty. I apologized to Dan. Filled it up. Checked his oil. Filled him up with petrol. Patted him (as you do), rang Evan to say I was late, and headed off.

We had no problem for most of the trip to work. But then around the corner his gauge bounded right up. We limped to work and I checked his water thingy. Still full. Water dripping out of him.

We then limp across to Subaru and Phil gets him looked at. I exhale in relief when he says it is nothing terminal or expensive. It is a split hose to his water pump. We agree Dan is a good boy and looked after me (again) by making it split now. Not enroute to Melbourne.

We are just trying to work out a tidy up service before we leave. Yes. I have left it to the last minute. Again. Some things never change.

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