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08 July 2013

In Melbourne Town

The kids and I drove into Melbourne this afternoon.  When I drive down the freeway and get my first glimpse of the city in the distance, it always makes me feel like I'm coming home.  And it always makes me remember being in the car with Mum and Dad on our long Melbourne road trips, when Dad would say 'kids, there's the lights of Melbourne".  At this point all of the "how many more minutes now Dad!!!!!!!!" anguish vanished instantly, and I would sit up in excitement and chatter the rest of the way in.

I can't say that we made brilliant time today, but it could have been worse.  We are house sitting in North Fitzroy for a friend/student of my sister while they are away, and minding their cat and dog as well.  They have a huge black cat, who's v friendly, and a spaniel sort of dog, which is bigger than a rug rat.  We have to walk the dog (who will have to learn my rules on the walk, let me tell you...) which the kids should enjoy.  And there are some chickens to feed, although we haven't spotted them yet, because it was dark when we arrived and they were in their coop thingy.  It's a nice little area of Melbourne (although not my cup of tea from a permanent living point of view - no horse here - particularly when you look at how much you'd have to pay for a house in this area), but it's nice and close to my sister.

This area of Melbourne was struck by a huge power failure this evening, with the neighbouring suburbs having a massive blackout.  Thankfully though we were spared, and so has my sister who's in the next suburb up.

On Wednesday evening we're going to go down to Phillip Island overnight with my sister and her family and do the Penguin thingy, and stay overnight, so we're all pretty excited about that.  I had been invited out to dinner by a good friend, but his week has turned to hell and he's off overseas on Saturday, so he reluctantly had to cancel.  I'm a bit disappointed, but Phillip Island will be a lot of fun instead.


  1. I imagine our mornings are almost a heatwave compared to what you've had in The Capital. At 730 this morning it was -1 where I live ... not happy, Jan ...
    Will you be visiting The Famous Pony?????

    1. Hey Liz. Well, it was supposed to be minus 5 last night at home. This is a cold little house that we are minding though, and we arrived to a cold night and a house that had also been empty for a few days, so we were all cold last night. I managed to find enough blankets though, and we all wore extra jammies to bed.. And got through ok!! I did find myself hoping that Kaylene who's minding Freelance remembered to put the mare's extra blanket on last night though! Even from 638km away I worry about my mare!!! I hope I see The Famous Pony again soon. I miss her terribly.

  2. Like you, I miss her terribly too.