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07 July 2013

Backing up, and packing up.

I've spent the last 4 days getting ready for our trip to Melbourne.  Getting the car sorted, my lovely mare Freelance minded, and the gorgeous but Bad Ass Maxie looked after as well.  I've tidied Dan out, which took AGES, and in doing so I've tried to remove every piece of lucerne chaff and all the hay (unsuccessfully, but he does look much better).  And I've packed all of my things, and all of the kids things.

I'm also in the process of trying to put all of my Black Caviar images on the one external hard drive, so that I have them all in one location, and I've got a secure backup.  I just wish I could pick each folder up and drag them across in a simple copy, instead of this creating every single folder I need, and manually copying every single file.  It's tiring, and time consuming, and it frustrates me because I don't know what happened to some of the drives that has made this necessary.  

I felt myself growing tired, but kept trying to perservere, but then looked up at the time with a groan, and realised it was 11pm, and I have an 8 hour drive in front of me.  That thought instantly makes me feel tired. I worry about not having all the files for 2 weeks at this crucial time when the book is nearing completion.

So I will leave some of these transfers going, and I shall go to bed.  And I might end up throwing one of the hard drives into my bags (sigh, what's another bag???) so I can keep going with it while I'm in Melbourne.  

Dan is partly packed, and clean.  I have cleaned his windows inside and out.  I haven't checked his tyres or fueled him up.  I should surely be excused from checking his oil and water only 2 days after his service!!!!!!!

The Famous Pony Black Caviar, up in lights.  Never, in the years I've been photographing racehorses, have I experienced anything like her.  I've never seen so many people trying to take an image of one subject.  I love that this one subject was a horse, and was The Famous Pony.  To quote Gerard Whateley, whom I love working with, "we have lived in extraordinary times".

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  1. Have fun in Melbourne! I was standing next to that pole, I think I am in the shadow but can see my mum clearly. Very cool. Shell