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05 July 2013

If it don't want to fit, you MAKE it fit...

I often wonder whether packing a camera bag is a bit like packing a car...  And is it possible that there are some things that boys are just better at doing than girls?  The stubborn side of me wants to say that is bollocks..  But the practical side of me wonders whether there's more than a little bit of truth to it.  

Now of course I have lots of experience packing my own car, as I do it a lot.  However it has been commented on before that my packing can lack finesse...   

The kids and I leave for Melbourne on Monday, and so Dan (when he's back from his service, thanx to the Lovely Phil at Capital Subaru) needs a good clean out (yes, this means all of the hay, and all of the chaff, and all of the kids rubbish, it is a never ending battle) and I need to pack hm.

I've also spent the best part of an hour wrestling with my lovely new ThinkTank camera bag.  They are supposed to be excellent, and I've never owned one before, and I do like it.  Great zippers!!!!!

BUT, no matter how hard I try, or how much I mutter under my breath, I CANNOT get it to hold all 3 camera bodies, and all 3 lenses.  I am doing my very best Jodie Foster impersonation (from Freaky Friday all those years ago) when she used her feet to push the clothes into the washing machine, then sat on top of it, muttering 'if it don't wanna fit, you MAKE it fit........' with a defiant scowl on her face...  I"m not winning though..  I fear that my 300mm f2.8 lens is just a sticking point when it comes to fitting everything in the one bag....

I haven't given up yet, because I have to take Jessica riding shortly, but I have gone from sitting cross legged on my floor wrestling with dividers and changing things this way and that, to circling my bag with a suspicious look on my face, while I wonder about the 300mm lens just living in it's own bag for a while..

The Famous Pony Black Caviar, captured beautifully by the source of my frustration today, my Nikon f2.8 300mm lens.

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