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17 July 2013

Down on the Farm

I'm at my friend Lyn's house. The kids and I are all in the same room. It's a lovely room. And a lovely place of the world. And Lyn is a proper friend.

I've stayed here a number of times now when visiting Melbourne. The last time I stayed overnight was March last year on Australian Cup weekend. I remember sitting up in bed that night writing too. The drive down today made me reflect on that very trip too. We had a lovely evening and dinner. Lyn is indeed the Spaghetti Bolognese Queen!! And then late tonight I caught up on some artwork and emails.

The kids and I have a busy day tomorrow. Then Friday is more relaxing and we will ride Lyn's horses. We are excited about that!! I haven't had the camera out much this fortnight. But photographing wasn't actually the purpose of this trip. So that is ok. I did take some photos before we left our North Fitzroy house of the kids and the animals we minded. But I haven't worked on these yet. I'll take some of Lyn's horses on Friday though. Just for fun.

I won't be going to Flemington on Saturday because there is a big family function on. The kids and I usually miss out on all of these. But not this time.

Then on Sunday we ask the ever faithful Dan to bear us safely home again. It's a long drive and none of us are looking forward to it. It will be freezing at home when we arrive, with Canberra expecting a maximum of only 6 degrees. It's not much of a welcome home, is it? We have missed Maxie and Freelance though.

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