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14 July 2013

Technical Knockout. An open letter by Jim Colton

I hope readers will take a moment to follow this link, and to read Jim Colton's excellent open letter to the CEOs and editors of major newspapers, following the recent shortsighted decisions to abolish the entire photographic staff at the Chicago Sun-Times.

An open letter to all newspaper publishers and CEO’s

By Jim Colton

"Technology has changed. We get that. Advancements in photography have now made it easier for anyone to take quality pictures. We get that too. But how we embrace these changes is what separates us from average and excellent........"

Click on the link above to read Jim's full letter.   And think twice about setting our visual bar to mediocrity, or, worse, even lower.

"There is nothing more sacred to a photographer than having a strong and unique visual voice. So how does one go about dealing with new technology and the new workload without compromising that voice?"  Jim Colton.

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