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28 July 2013

Giving up in despair?

There are days where I think I'm back at square one.  And I've really made no progress in the last 6 months. But mornings like today, when nothing seem to go quite right, only adds to my sense of frustration.  I'm working on a couple of projects.  They require concentration.  And that's hard to come by some days.  And it's not just because I get interrupted by my children every 90 seconds, but also by my own thoughts.  And in addition to the few software hiccups and errors, when I just can't work out how to do something, it's easy to feel that nothing is going right.  Or perhaps it was walking by, after an attempt at straightening up the house, and looking at the new equipment I've bought but haven't used yet.  I'm still to take it all out of it's bags and then work out how to put it all together, without that guiding voice or that truly ace ability that some luck people have that allows them to instantly guess (correctly!) which way something goes into something else.  My ability at this frequently reduces others to tears of laughter, and they shake their head and say 'Bron, that wasn't even close'.  I guess it's just one of those days, and one of those periods where it feels difficult.   

So I'm trying to take a deep breath, and I've decided that washing my hair and heading out with my brother is the best thing to do.

Until we leave we've put the music on the iPhone on our little player (we really wish we had one that went a bit louder for these days), and Heath's chosen one of the new songs that I've downloaded recently, Rudimental's "Feel the Love" - it's funky and dancy, and we love it....


It's now Sunday afternoon.  Late.  Again, my bins are out and I'm finishing the washing for the weekend.  And I am again sitting, with my lovely MacBook on my lap, on my front step (with a cushion because it's cold and there's no sun) while Maxie plays outside.  My new laptop doesn't make my head hurt, although the program I am working on at the moment is another matter completely.  It's absolutely making my head hurt, by refusing to add any more than one image at a time to the library I'm uploading to.  And that is annoying the heck out of me!

Maxie as usual ran bounding and purring up to me when he knew we were going outside, by the little soft jangle of his bell on his harness.  I've had to unwind him from the rose bush, while muttering "If I get thorns in my hands when I'm next lungeing Freelance you're in trouble Maxie...", but he's playing very happily out here.

I had a nice lunch with my brother et al, and my gorgeous friend rang and we had a chat for half an hour, about many things.  She and I do lots of things together, not just work related, and apart from being a fiercely loyal friend, she's great fun, a terrific judge of character (better than I am it would appear) and wise counsel as well.  I also had a good talk with my lovely uncle as well.

My friend Kaylene, who's paddock Freelance is sharing at present, took Freelance's rugs off this morning, and the mare's had a nice 'naked' day today.  And she nickered in delight when she saw me (ok, that's because it's also dinner time, I know, I know...).  Heath finally cleaned up his room, and Jessica did a nice job too.

Tonight I have some work to finish, and I've begun work on some books which will be gifts for some special people.  So I hope that their software program is less temperamental this evening than it was earlier today.  I'm using a different company at the moment, because I like the quality.  I have some other books to do minor adjustments to in the next week or so, so that I can run new copies off.

One of these companies now has an Adobe Lightroom Plug-In and templates.  Ok, ok...  I can hear you ask, have you got your head around Lightroom yet??????????   Don't ask, is my reply, and I'm sure you probably know that the answer is that it's still in my 'too hard' tray.  I hate that tray!  Trying to empty it, bit by bit!

Tomorrow is a Busy Day.  Starting off with my showjumping lesson with Grant.  It's been 3 weeks since I last jumped and saw Snips.  Lets hope I don't fall off..  Legs on.  Riding positively.  Forward into the jumps.  Don't be a chicken!  And don't let him take off on me!  

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