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10 July 2013

Edinborough Gardens

I'm sitting by the grassy oval in the sunshine at the fabulous playground at Edinborough Gardens. Lottie, the larger than a rug rat dog, sits by me. We have come out to walk Lottie and the kids ride their scooters. Lottie suits me as a walking dog because she likes to steam along. At least on the way out anyway!!

I like being at Edinborough Gardens. It's got a lovely serene feel to it. I sit on the park bench, deep in thought.

Heath looks a little forlornly for the friends he made yesterday. They were lovely and invited him to play AFL with them. But but they are not here today. They did invite us down to their football game this Sunday morning though, and Heath is very keen to do that.

Lottie just got semi roughed up by a big sort of bull terrier type dog. I couldn't get it off. I don't think he was being malicious but he was too rough. Lottie started yelping and crying. Then did really great hiding under the park bench! Good hiding Lottie. She's sticking close to me now. The roughnut dog's owner just sort of stood there in the distance.

Later this afternoon we are going to Phillip Island. And yesterday we all had lunch with my Dad. That was lovely. This week is mostly about spending some quiet time with family. Next week is busy. The kids love being in Melbourne though. And so do I.

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  1. What a pretty dog! I walk a black Labrador every other day. Toby belongs to my son-in-law and lives in the same street as we do. They work all day and as I'm not allowed to work at present, walking Toby helps fill in my day. We walk a 3km round trip to the local shops.
    Have a great time a Phillip Island ... I hope the weather stays nice for you.