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06 July 2013

Who Knew......

Here is an image that was buried deep within my negative library.  I didn't even know I had it.  It's a young looking Peter Moody (he has hair, I had to look closely at my negative!), with a young looking Tony Haydon (now stable foreman and right hand man to Moody) as strapper.  The horse is General Nediym, and on the far right is trainer Bill Mitchell.  

General Nediym had just won the 1998 Newmarket Handicap.  The little chestnut filly on the outside, who ran a close 3rd, is Scandinavia.  Dam of Helsinge, who is in turn the very Famous Dam of the Very Famous Pony, Black Caviar..  Who knew.....

Tony Haydon (left), General Nediym, Peter Moody (centre) and Bill Mitchell, after their colt had won the G1 Newmarket Handicap.
General Nediym wins the 1998 G1 Newmarket Handicap narrowly, from Scandinavia on the outside (dam of Helsinge, who is the dam of the Famous Pony Black Caviar)


  1. I think Peter always has a lovely gentle face with welcoming eyes (just like The Famous Pony). Every time I have seen him on TV he is the epitome of grace.

    1. Liz, I think that you are absolutely right there.. Bron.

    2. Goodness, he's wearing that horsey tie he had on at Black Caviar's farewell at Caulfield.

    3. Really??????? Oh goodness.. I'll have to have a look through images taken than day (I wasn't there, I was at the Doncaster Handicap in Sydney).

    4. I have a photo of Peter wearing it on my blog as he was signing memorabilia on the day. Blog post is here

      My photos are certainly not to your standard, but they represent treasured memories for me.

    5. I just went and had a look at your Blog Anne, which I always enjoy reading. Your photographs are lovely. You are absolutely right about that tie. Fancy keeping it all those years!!! I have some enlargements of him and the Famous Pony to give him, so I must mention it. xxx Bron.