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13 September 2013

Tricky Times

I'm watching Jessica ride. It makes me miss Snips more acutely. His stall is still empty and Grant says he doesn't get back until today week. And that makes me feel sad. Jessie is riding Beavis. A big bay horse. Her riding has suddenly improved dramatically. Her lower leg is far stiller. She's carrying her hands better, and she has a lovely seat. She makes me so proud. She gets into a flap and a panic about cantering.  Bursts into tears and says she doesn't want to do it!  What does this lovely kind and willing horse do?  Nicki encourages her into a trot, and Beavis knows exactly what to do..  he goes for about 6 strides in the trot, and then pops into a smooth, controlled canter, and half way around the arena, she forgets to cry because she likes it.  What a lovely, lovely horse.....

This morning I thought I was on time for my neck appointments, only to discover that I had the wrong time. I gritted my teeth in annoyance, and nursed Dan to the petrol station instead. Dan has a 55 litre fuel tank I think. His fuel light was on all the way home yesterday and all the way to my neck appointment, making me bite my lip anxiously. He took 53.2 litres. I guess that is as close as we come to running out of petrol. 

These past 7 days have felt a little tough. I've had some great support which I'm very grateful for, from some good friends and my family.  I took my draft documents in to be looked at this afternoon. They aren't even close yet. The lady was tired, grouchy and inclined to be abrupt. This of course meant that despite my very best intentions I eventually dissolved. She was really kind after that though. I've come away with changes to make, but admit to still finding the process a confusing one to follow so I went to a cafe and tried to make the few changes I had time to make while it was still fresh in my mind. 

I have no racing or horses to look forward to this weekend, but Heath has his soccer presentation day. I've bought a new little toy to use I hope with the stallions. He put it together and tested it out, with great delight I might add, amid repeated requests for it to be his at the end of the trip. I said he could use it from time to time, but that I am going to buy a plastic crate with a lid to put all my tricks in. And that it has to live in there. My 5 day shoot will involve stallions and foals as well, and they are always a joy. So I have a great, albeit heavy, week to look forward to. 

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