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16 September 2013

The Doyen

It's been raining all day today.  We've had 30mm of rain, and it's still going.  I like it when it rains.  I also like lying in bed and listening to it.  I'm doing my usual worry about whether Freelance's rug is holding, however touch wood it's ok, because when I checked her this afternoon she was warm and dry underneath her 2 rugs. 

I've been tidying up hard drives tonight.  I got slightly off track, because I started it after trying to hunt through for some images I needed to send to a client, and that made me shake my head, and remember that I was in the middle of sorting my hard drives out and hadn't finished!  So I've done a little bit more on this tonight, although technically it wasn't what I intended to do today.

For some reason, I went looking through my folders from Flemington on 8 September 2012, which was Makybe Diva Stakes Day.  The following day I spent out at Nagambie and Murchison, with the Great One herself, so that made it a very special weekend.

This image caught my eye.  He reads my Blog from time to time, which bestows a great honour on me, because like my dear colleague Gerard Whateley, this man was probably the big reason I got so involved in horse racing and the thoroughbred.  So I of course hope he likes the photograph!!!!  It is of course the great doyen Les Carlyon.  I treasure the fact that I know him and call him a friend.  He is a source of huge inspiration, and one of those people who absolutely make a difference.

I sigh and realise that it has gotten late again, and get ready to walk away from my computer and get ready for bed.  Fingers crossed this period of bad sleeping won't stay with me forever. 
Les Carlyon.  What is he doing?  He's watching a horse....  And missing nothing as he does.

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