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19 September 2013

Homestead Nights

I'm heading off to bed soon, but have run a bath, and will have a bath first.  The Homestead at Vinery is lovely, although slightly spooky when the wind blows, and I admit to looking anxiously down the long dark corridor when I go down to my bedroom, because it's a large house, and feels quite and empty when here on my own.  The bath is one that has it's own legs, and it's nice.  I had a couple of nice phone calls from a couple of friends while I was on the road, which helps to make an 8 hour trip pass more quickly, and then another friend rang me this evening. Before having my dinner I walked the 50m down to the stallion barn with a couple of carrots in my hand, and said hello to the boys.  Conor tried to tell me they are indifferent to carrots.  "What rot!!" said my boys!!!!

Full moon at Vinery this evening
Maxie helps with the washing before I left home

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  1. What is it with purebreds getting into things???? Tom and I are babysitting a 3 year old "grandchild" this weekend. Suki is a British Shorthair, and she gets into anything that opens ... the dishwasher when it is being loaded or unloaded, any cupboard, any drawer, the washing machine .... whatever is being opened, I can be sure Suki is right there, as you say, helping. Our 10 year old moggie, Bella, looks on with disdain as if to say "what is that child doing?"