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19 September 2013

No Pressure

While on the road I get a call from the team at Arrowfield. We want to produce great results this shoot. They are toying with the idea of hiring and bringing some studio lights. I of course haven't used these kinds of lights in ages! I put in a quick call to my mate at the paper. He's currently bring subjected to a stupid stakeout outside someone's house who no doubt resents the intrusion to their privacy. It is fair to say that I doubt I would be thick skinned enough for that kind of work. And potentially far too highbrow too. I mean really, it hardly constitutes news does it? A little bit like putting Big Brother (I show I can't stand and think is stupid, and think any reference to it is stupid too....) on the front page.

Anyway. We hurriedly talk through some options and then he has to go, saying to call him back if I need too. I get ready to hit the road. I am an hour later than I wanted to be and am trying to keep the breaks short.

I pause to turn the crackly speakers up a little louder when "Super Trouper" comes on. Give Dan a soft pat and word of encouragement. And prepare to set off again. We still have about 500kms to drive.

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