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21 September 2013

Sunny Days

It's the most perfect weather today.  There is not a hint of the wind that had whipped up so strongly by this time yesterday.  It's clear, warm, and still.  Alas this is my quietest day.  That would be right...  Arrowfield have no stallion staff available, so I can't make a start on the boys.  Instead I hope to make the most of the light by wandering around the farm getting nice mare and foal images and just nice general farm imagery.

There's a bit to like about this little sequence of Big Brown this morning.  What's the only thing I don't like about them?  I can't see his white spot...  Love this horse.


Would you like to know the end of the story? I can only just admit to it now. I ran my bath and walked away. My distracted and tired mind decided the taps were off and I say down flicking through pictures thinking the water would need to cool a little bit. A little later I walked down the long corridor and in dismay realised I could still hear the taps. I hung my head in despair when I saw all the water on the floor. But the biggest disaster was the bath being cold.... So not only did I gave a mess to mop up, but I missed out on my bath as well. Are you laughing, hopefully in sympathy or affection?? I almost think its funny. Almost. But not quite.... I suppose it was the perfect end to a not so perfect day yesterday.

Big Brown (Boundary - Mien).  He's let down into a smashing looking stallion.

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