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18 September 2013

Setting off in the morning

I'm 3 quarters packed.. I think.  I have fed Freelance, and she has hopefully got enough supplies to last Kaylene until my return next week. Her rugs have held, and she's been wormed (and was quite rightly quite sulky as a result), and her paddock cleaned today.

I've bought supplies for Maxie.  It's all sitting in my tiny kitchen, ready for Paddy and Von.  I hope he's ok when I'm gone.  He's been getting the most amazing attacks of the rats late at night, including a spectacular crazy-kitteh session last night when I started packing my suitcase.  I'm actually sorry I can't take him, having decided I thoroughly like travelling with him.  I actually stayed up very late last night, because I had a phone call from my friend Rick and we talked for over an hour, so I started packing after this.  Which reminds me that I still need to change my flights to get me there in time for the unveiling of the Black Caviar statue in Nagambie on 24 October. 

Arrangements for the kids are in place.  I'd taken some of their things over to my brother's house last night to save some work while I was away, and they were looking forward to having a night with him, because they like staying at his house.  However they apparently won't be going over there now, so that was a little bit of wasted time and effort.  

I've had an incredibly busy day today, and haven't stopped all day, and I'm technically still not finished, but I will call it a night soon, because I'm tired and Dan and I have a long drive.  Dan is fueled up.  I bit my lip in worry when I checked his oil, because he seems to be getting through quite a lot of oil at the moment, and I topped it up again, and bought a spare to keep in the car.  His water looked ok, but I didn't check his tyres because there was another car at the air pump thingy.  

I'm heading straight to Vinery Stud, and the Lovely Connor told me this morning that I'm staying on the farm, which is always just lovely.  I'm staying in their gorgeous homestead.  It's amazing.  It has a lovely bath, with the legs, and apart from on very windy nights when you think it's scary, it's a really amazing place to stay.  And the thing I like the best is how close it is the stallion barn, and that I can walk the short 100m to say goodnight to my Boys before it gets dark.  I like to be able to do this.

I've bought a super cool array of gadgets to use during my trip.  And I did finally go and buy that plastic crate to put it all in.  Pinkie is safely packed in a proper travelling home now.  It even has a lid!  Are you impressed?  And yes, it's red....  Last night I packed my camera bag, and charged my batteries.  My big lenses are by the door, although I still need to pack my laptop, etc, up.

I did manage to get all the washing done (darn it, I just remembered I am midway through hanging the last lot on the clothes horse), and vacuumed the house, and the dishes are done, so our little house doesn't look like a complete tip.  Maxie is a warty little toad, and he's terrible for chewing things,  getting things out, and making a mess though, so no doubt it won't look like this when I get home.  I sigh, and wish, again, that he could come with me.  

How's my forecast looking, I hear you ask????  It's not at all terrible.. Is it????


Forecast updated at 5:56 pm EST on Wednesday 18 September 2013.
Detailed Scone Forecast

Thu. 19 SepFri. 20 SepSat. 21 SepSun. 22 SepMon. 23 SepTue. 24 Sep
Sunny. Sunny. Sunny. Possible shower. Mostly sunny. Partly cloudy.
Max. Temperature
22 °C23 °C24 °C25 °C28 °C29 °C
Min. Temperature
10 °C7 °C4 °C4 °C5 °C9 °C

The Prince...  More Than Ready at Vinery Stud.

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