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09 September 2013


Today is Monday.  It's rubbish day.  My children and I are moving to Melbourne in January.  This is a hard road at the moment.  One that I know will cause us to have to rely on many people to help us reestablish our lives.  And there are many times when the task at hand seems so enormous.

I know how ruthless I will have to be in the coming months, so now every Monday (and every 2nd Monday for recycling) is approached with a feeling of 'thank goodness', because my bins are full now, for each and every collection, and it means I can start afresh.  It's a constant throwing out phase at the moment, as we prepare for the single biggest leap I've ever attempted to make. 

I hear the rumble of the rubbish trucks, as they begin to get nearer to my street.  There are difficult decisions to make, in terms of what we keep and what I discard.  What's of use?  What's not? What to give up? 

Dan's battery went flat overnight, because Heath didn't turn off the inside lights as I'd asked him to do after we got home from Sydney.  Our lovely neighbour Paddy drove us to school, and waited patiently while I sorted out the drama of a skipping rope purchase at the last minute.  I did have plans to either go to Sydney or Melbourne for the races this weekend, but will likely skip this weekend, in order for the kids' arrangements to be changed for my crucial 5 day stallion and foal shoot in the Hunter Valley next weekend.  

Maxie begs to go outside, so I clip his harness on, and ignore the tidying up jobs that I know I need to be doing, for another half an hour, and I take him, my laptop and my cup of tea and biscuits outside onto my front steps.   He instantly comes up and wants my biscuits.  I shoo him away, then feel bad, so break him off a piece. 

Maxie keeps trying to tangle himself up.  He pulled out of his harness last Friday though and vanished for almost an hour (now that really would have put the icing on Friday), so I don't want to leave him outside on his own.  He launches himself at a magpie in spectacular fashion, that is matched only by my grabbing my hard drive and laptop, because I am now part of his tangled web.  And sigh, and get up and detangle him, yet again.  I like to hope he might be able to spend time outside on his own when we finally get to Balnarring.  However main road just near us gets busier and busier, so for the remaining months in this little house, we need to stick with what we are doing.

Aussie's Love Sport. He's sired by "My Boy", Redoute's Choice.  It has to be said, that when Redoute's sires a looker, he really sires a good looking horse.  He won the G3 Ming Dynasty Stakes at Randwick on Saturday.

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