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08 September 2013

The Warrior

The kids, Maxie and I got home this evening.  We executed a lightning style raid on Sydney to see my Mum before she goes overseas for 5 weeks on Friday.  And I worked at the races on Saturday.  Maxie is becoming quite the traveller.  We like travelling with him.  He starts in the cat carrier, and is getting calmer in that.  But then he sits on the kids laps, with his harness on, and he's very happy doing this.  And he really loves Mum's house, particularly all of those stairs and he settles in instantly.  He refuses to sleep in her laundry, and executes a determined assault on her laundry door until it gives way and he gets out.  I could hear him doing this on Friday night, and then I fell asleep, but was woken up by the triumphant little Bad A** climbing onto my bed.  He's a naughty boy.

There are other photos from the day, but I've developed a fondness for this big fellow.  His run was actually pretty good, as he got cluttered up on the rails.  They will bring the house down if he can win this preparation.  I cross everything and hope he stays sound, and safe.  And pray that should he win, that I have the good luck to be present on track that day....  I like his trainer.  And I like to think he would not risk the horse if he felt he should be retired.

The bandaged foot is because he lost a front plate.

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