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17 September 2013

Getting Ready

Yes.  I am back to that 'on the road' stage of the Spring.  On Thursday I drive out for Scone.  I have been watching the weather forecast/outlook all week.  Is it tempting fate to put it up here?  I'm not sure, but currently, this is what it looks like, and I have to say, that this looks more than ok.  Scone has also had some welcome rain, just like Canberra, over the past couple of days, and so I would hope this would bring out some greenness too.


Forecast updated at 9:49 am EST on Tuesday 17 September 2013.
Detailed Scone Forecast

Tue. 17 SepWed. 18 SepThu. 19 SepFri. 20 SepSat. 21 SepSun. 22 SepMon. 23 Sep
A few showers.
 Chance storm.
Mostly sunny.
Mostly sunny.

Partly cloudy.
Mostly sunny.
Max. Temperature21 °C24 °C23 °C23 °C25 °C26 °C27 °C
Min. Temperature
8 °C7 °C5 °C5 °C6 °C7 °C

Without seeing Tuesday yet, which will be my final day at Arrowfield, this looks completely ok, doesn't it....  Could you handle wandering through green pastures, with foals coming up curiously, and lowering their head while blowing air out their nostrils in their curiousness and wariness?  Can you imagine sitting on the grass, and watching them frolic and play, in the first light of the morning, and the last light of the afternoon?  Of watching and reading the play of the mighty stallion in his paddock, and trying to gently guide him to run the way you want him to run, as you continue that quest for the perfect image of the perfect horse?  Of getting him to turn his head, and assume the look of eagles, as you search for the perfect head study?  I can.....

It is true that I love my work on the racetrack, but the calmness, and fun of the stud farms is something special to me.  I have much to do before driving out, and tonight and tomorrow I need to get bags packed and ready.  I'll need to shop for Maxie's supplies, so that Paddy and Von can look after him while I am away.  I'd love to take him with me. He is nice company in the car, but I suspect the lovely folk at Portman House where I'll be staying might frown a little bit at me??  I'll spend my first 2 nights on the farm at Vinery Stud.  Probably in their little flat, which I like a lot.  It is just up from the stallion barn (like less than 100m away), and I go down and say goodnight to the boys before bed.  As with Arrowfield, they are terrific people, and it's a big roster now, and we'll have our work cut out to get through it all.

And of course, I am always breathless in anticipation at going to Arrowfield.  And this time it's "The King" that awaits, and his proper photo shoot.  Yes, Animal Kingdom...  My "new boy"..  Note to self, note to self:  Carrots, peppermints, sugar cubes...  


There was a sigh of resignation when I read that Mark Kavanagh has decided to accept with Atlantic Jewel and run her this Saturday in the Group 1 Underwood Stakes.  I am of course committed to other absolutely wonderful and fabulous work about 838km north in the Hunter Valley......  Alas though, this means, because I had to cancel my plans for this weekend just gone, that I'll have missed 2 of her races this campaign, and that's made me feel sad.

I put my head in my hands in slight frustration, and wish (for not the first time) that it were possible to disparate like they do in Harry Potter after you turn 17.  Or that I had a Time Turner like Professor McGonagall gave to Hermoine Granger.  Either method could potentially allow me to be in two places at the same time.

Did I pop onto the Qantas website, and have a curious little look at airfares between Melbourne and Newcastle on the Saturday, given that I may end up having a somewhat free day if Emirates Park decide not to go ahead?????  I hang my head slightly lower, and guiltily say 'yes, I did'....  Is it practical and achievable???  No, of course it's not... But I still had to look, just to believe it myself...  Surprised???

There are times though when the ability to split myself down the middle so that I could be in 2 places at once would be a pretty cool thing...

Pluck.  My new "Black Horse", and son of my "Black Prince" More Than Ready.  He's my new boy at Vinery..  Along with the Famous Brother....
The King.  Animal Kingdom..

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