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30 September 2013

On Another Tram

We get so excited about Trams. We are currently on the 112 Tram going down St Georges Road to meet our friends Samantha and Rod who are here from Canberra with their 2 kids Tilly and Oscar as well. Tilly and Jessica are best friends. We are meeting in Southbank i think. I haven't been there since Melbourne Cup week.

It was nice catching up with my friends at Caulfield yesterday. Our move to Melbourne is beginning to rush up on us and it is beginning to feel more real. Lyn and I had another talk about our riding plans this morning. We are both so excited about that. She has a great little horse for the kids to ride too. Happier Days? We like to think so...


We all decided to stay in for dinner. We stayed outside to watch the fire gas thingies when they came on at 6pm. The kids were wild with excitement. I've seen them before, on Melbourne Cup night. I liked that night, with my friend Saskia, after her horse Green Moon won the Melbourne Cup.

During dinner Rod suddenly exclaimed he hated mushrooms too!! A kindred soul! He says "they are the Devil's Work!!" Classic...

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