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05 September 2013


I'm doing bookwork at the moment.  Yesterday I sat out on my balcony with Maxie tackling it.  It's got to be done, but it makes my head hurt as much as usual.  I'm trying to stay focused and push through those things that normally go into my 'making my head hurt and it's very hard tray'.  I hate that tray.  In fact I just forced myself to take another thing out of my 'too hard tray' and into my 'it's almost done tray', by finally booking a flight for the Feehan Stakes meeting next Saturday.  

Actually, it's had to go into my 'it's almost done tray' (instead of into the 'hurrah for me it's done tray') because I still have to pay for my flight in BPAY.  That will unfortunately involve me looking at my bank account.  There are times I want to look at my bank account through closed eyes and my fingers.  Opening my eyes and looking briefly can give me a sudden 'oh joy' experience, or make me hang my head in despair!  So technically I guess I could argue that it's still in the 'too hard tray'?

I hate it when I don't book my flights well in advance when Canberra is part of the equation.  In fact, I hate having to fly in and out of Canberra, full stop.  The boys are always boasting (or at least it seems this way) about how cheaply they can fly between Sydney and Melbourne.

Timelines are ticking away.  Spring is officially here.  I'm conscious of how much there is to achieve in the coming months.  At times the amount in the 'to do tray' seems to be so full that it is overflowing, and overwhelming.  I have to find a new house for us to live in.  And I have so many things to organise.  My neck is gradually improving, and this morning I had my exercises again.  I dislike driving by The Mint though.  It reminds me of a hot and windy day in January.  I must start driving a different way to work to avoid that.

Incidentally, seeing as I am on the subject of timelines (and given my job, you'll have to excuse the pun here...) when someone says 'down the track', what does that actually mean?  Next week?  Next month?  Next year??  'I can't be bothered to tell you'?  'Never, but thought I'd have fun at your expense because you think I will'?  If it's one of the latter options, why bother to say 'down the track' in the first place?

It's over a week since I've seen, or ridden Snips.  And I am missing him.  I have resigned myself to not seeing much of him before the school holidays.  At least I should be able to ride with Lyn while we are in Melbourne.  

I take a deep breath and try to force myself into feeling optimistic, yet again...  And turn my attention back to invoicing. One foot.... At a time...  One after the other.....  That's the way it's done...  right???

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