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15 September 2013

One of Life's Real Cruelties

It grows late again, meaning yes, I should be in bed.  I've been playing catch up on photographs this evening, trying to kickstart myself again.  I found myself feeling the effects of the last week or so over the weekend, and so instead of me getting work done and tidying the house, the kids and I spent time out and about today which was probably a good thing.  

We finished off with a scoot around the lake with my brother and his boys, and while there we ran into my great friends Evan and Fenella, and that was really nice.  Lately I am struck by how my proper friends have rallied around me, as have my family.  There is heavy rain predicted tomorrow, and we called back in to the paddock after spending an hour down there this morning to rug Freelance back up.  I couldn't put her warmer rug on though, because the toad put a big tear in it, so touch wood the rain won't get heavy before I get down there with a warmer one after the school drop off.  Am I the sort of girl who lies awake at night wondering if her horse is warm and dry??????  Yes, I absolutely am....  

And finally, before I go to bed, who is going to laugh at my expense??   I cannot begin to tell you how much I would LOVE to have a copy of this book.  However I am sure, at 289 POUNDS, that I cannot afford to buy one...  Alas and woe.......  I think that, having loved them since I was tiny, and given that I listen to them a lot on my road trips still, and me going on to become a photographer, I would get such a thrill from this book. 

It's one of Life's Real Cruelties...

Still unbeaten, Atlantic Jewel.
Lidari..  One of my New Boys at Emirates Park (Harbour Watch) is by his sire Acclamation.


  1. Love ABBA still, Bron. I was lucky enough to see them in concert when they toured Australia in the 70s'. It was awesome.

    1. Oh goodness Liz........ I cannot BEGIN to tell you how completely envious of that I am!!!! I'd have given anything to see them when I growing up!! I listen to them still over Dan's TERRIBLE speakers! All the way to and from the Hunter Valley sometimes... I can't help myself some trips!