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12 September 2013


I rejoined Facebook this evening.  That's probably a good thing.  I had some nice messages too, and that was nice.  I'm trying to get back into better habits, and stop staying up working so late, but tonight has gotten away on me.  I've been catching up on pictures that are a little overdue, but have just finished those and the file transfer is on it's way.  

I also called in to the toyshop today.  Ok, so I did buy the kids something each, but that's just forward planning, getting them their Lego Advent Calendars before I forget and discover to my dismay that they have run out of stock.  Heath should think that I am Number One Good Mummy because his has a special edition Jango Fett (don't ask... Star Wars....), so he will think that I am ace.  

But I did a little shopping for a few goodies that I will use in the Hunter Valley next week and the next.  As I've mentioned, I have a 5 day shoot coming up.  1-2 days at Vinery, possibly a day at Emirates and 3 days with my friends at Arrowfield Stud.  They saw that I had rejoined the world of Facebook (I'd put a photo of "The King" - Animal Kingdom up), and they shared it saying "Our stallion photographer Bronwen Healy will be here for a 3 day shoot next week, photos to follow", so it sounds as though they are looking forward to it as much as I am.

I have lots of new ideas, and things I want to try out.  Someone also once said that I should organise Dan a little better, and put all my little stallion things in a box.  I guess I'll try to do that before I set off on Thursday.  I might even lash out and buy a proper plastic crate, so that I keep them in good condition.  Surely Pinkie deserves to travel in style given the number of truly famous and fabulous horses she has entertained???  I hope she won't feel put out by the other things I've decided to try out, we know that you are the benchmark Pinkie....

I have begun watching the weather outlook more closely.  I so hope that the weather will be kind to us.  It's turned evil here in Canberra this evening, the wind that swept up the valley across into our paddock as Kaylene and I put the girls (Freelance and Rosie) to bed this afternoon was suddenly freezing.  So Freelance has a warm fleecy rug and her doona rug on top, and I hope it stays secure in the wind (slightly dodgy neck rug attachment), and I hope she is warm enough tonight.  

My other boy, Big Brown, is back in Australia again.  He injured his hock last year and missed the shuttle.  I will be pleased to see him.

Animal Kingdom.  I will make sure I buy a bag of peppermints to take for my new boy to enjoy.

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