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18 November 2013

Frustrating Days

My brother often rolls his eyes at me.  And if I'm appearing truly dim, he rolls his eyes AND he shakes his head.  These days I say I don't have to be good at everything.  My brilliance has, for example, always lain behind the lens, rather than behind my computer.  The computer often makes me want to pitch it through the window, whereas I am stupidly fond of my cameras and lens.  Does that make a smile creep to the corners of your mouth?  With a slight laugh as well? 

It is, therefore, with a somewhat lame apology, that I explain that I've not been able to access my email from my email address for almost a week now.  If you've sent me an email, and I've not responded, humble, pleading, abject apologies.  The fault isn't mine though!!!  The people who were hosting my website before I changed it to the Fotomerchant site, which doesn't see me muttering the same 4 letter words when I tried to remember how to update the site HTML via Dreamweaver, still hosted my email.  They made some changes (don't ask me what, because I wouldn't know, and ever less, I couldn't explain it if I did!) at their end, meaning that it completely buggered me up because they forgot to change it at my end!  

I think it's nearly fixed...  with the usual number of 4 letter expletives muttered crossly....  The swear jar here in front of the computer got slightly fuller over the past 6 days.


I finally got my phone to start receiving emails, although some of the ones that come through that account combined to make me feel thoroughly down this afternoon.  My computer remains hopelessly stubborn, and in trying to fix it, I managed to bugger up the settings on my bigpond email address, and it won't receive any emails at all

To add insult to injury, I had my images used by The Mint and ESP on the Black Caviar coins.  The first meeting was on a hot day on Thursday January 18.  It was close to 40 degrees.  There was an ill wind blowing that day, and on the following day.  Perhaps the project that I'd been so excited about was always doomed?  They are now baulking at paying.  I sat on my front step for a little while just now, trying to regroup.  This afternoon it feels like the wind has deserted my sails. 

A happy couple of days with The Famous Pony

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  1. So the Mint and ESP happy to use your "Famous Pony" images but not to pay. That stinks! Call the Sunday Tele think they would love your story.