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27 November 2013

Big breaths, and Very Big Steps

Yes, I'm still counting.  We're up to 39, and technically, because the day is almost gone, it's quite close to being able to say that sleep 39 is done and that we're at 38.  I have a habit of counting down the sleeps to an event that excites or is important to me.  Some are well aware of this.  Plus if I don't keep count, this will sneak up on me, and I'll be in strife!

This is a time for taking big breaths, and BIG STEPS.  Today I informed my current landlords that we are leavning.  They've been pretty terrific, and have looked after us well.  They said they are sorry to see me go.  My neighbours are sad too.  So the landlords are commencing Vacating the Premises process.  It all sounds so formal, doesn't it?  I guess it will become less daunting as we go. 

And the other big step was signing the lease on our Melbourne house and sending off the bank cheques for the bond and the 1st month's rent.  And I also finally booked our flights so that the kids can attend the Step-Up Day at their new school on 19th December, which is when we'll go and check out the new house properly and work out what will go where when the removalists drop things off.

I've also had a phone call from Emirates Park, to begin firming up the details of the 2 day photoshoot next week in Murrurundi.  

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