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10 November 2013

Homeward Bound

I get better seats these days when I fly, even when I forget to Check In until after dropping my car off.  On the plane, they know my name, and they check on me more often now.  It's that fancy Silver Card thingy.  They said they make sure they knew the names of their passengers who travel a lot, and they asked me if I wanted a 2nd cup of tea.  I like flying with Qantas.  They are nice.  They help me when I bugger it up.  And it's a shame that my posh silver card only arrived just as I will be able to scale back the number of times I fly.

I was easily on time this morning. There was no point staying in bed past the early alarm. I wasn't sleeping anyway. All my gear made it on to the plane after some creative packing, a borrowed bag, and an extra amount for the 2nd bag. The skies were grey again, and it rained lightly as I drove to the aiport.

I haven't felt like writing much lately. And I've been too tired and have had too much trouble keeping up anyway. Cup week mostly had the same feel and warmth to it, but then again, in some ways it didn't.  However there are still lots of good friends and great people there. And it was really great seeing Petchy again this Spring. She had moved to Canberra briefly ironically. But is now back with the HSun. We didn't manage to get together in Canberra. But we will when we move. 

We are likely to be offered a house nest week. It may be too small though. The good news is we are rating strongly and I am pleased about that. I will feel more secure when I know where our next house will be.

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