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26 November 2013

40 Days.... And 40 Nights

Ok. So I counted them. Are you surprised?  We have 40 sleeps to go. My phone has run a little hot. And there's been lots of messages coming in.  I like that..... 

Right now, I'm trying to work out an order to do things in, while I sit on my bucket next to Freelance while she eats breakfast. The flies are bugging her. The little toads. It was cool last night so I gave in and put a warm rug on her.

What would you do?  How would you organise all of this??  I've never moved interstate. There are so many unknowns. People ask what will I do?  How are you going to do this, or that? And to be truthful, I answer a bit of it at the moment with "I don't know.."  I suppose I am ok at flying by the seat of my pants, and that the unknown doesn't daunt me as much as it might others. But still...

Freelance is nearly finished. Again, that's my queue to vanish.

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  1. We moved from SA to Victoria last February. When it comes to packing, attack the things you aren't going to need first. And label every box with contents and which room it belongs in. An opened box of bicarbonate of soda plus a couple of unused teabags dangling from shelves will prevent mildew in your fridge and freezer. I used sheets, towels etc to wrap crockery. Moving is a good time to have a clean out, be ruthless. We had 2 garage sales during our 'clean out'. I also labeled leads on the TV, stereo etc so I could hook it all back up. I also bought sticky dots from the news agent ... green ones for things going with us and red ones for things going into a garage sale or being donated to a worthy cause.