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27 November 2013


Random thoughts from this morning...  Heath has gotten ready nice and early this morning. Jessica is another matter.

I've been checking the long range forecast for Scone. As a result, I'm growing gloomier and gloomier by the minute.  Goodness I hate the heat...

I am wondering whether perhaps I had already put detergent in my washing machine???  Surprised??  Sigh...

My website and email both ended up going down yesterday.  Name Server names, ARecords, CName records..  This stuff might as well be written in a whole different language.  However the hosting people finally helped me with it. Touch wood it's all ok. The website is back up. And my emails are working. This is a very good thing. There are important documents to work on and things to be done.

Go little plant!!!  So tough!!! 

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