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19 November 2013

Birds and Horses

I'm again grabbing a precious 10 mins where I just sit next to Freelance while she eats. I frowned at my yellow bucket which was grotty and sat on the ground instead. Freelance is on a diet. And she acts like she is being starved like there is no tomorrow. Food. It's always been a very serious business for my Holsteiner mare. She's sleek again now. Her summer coat, which is a light dappled brown, is finally through. She came charging up like a 2 year old. And nickers frantically at me. Her meagre breakfast disappears quickly. I bite my lip and ponder a little extra for her. I know, I know, I can hear you saying it. Don't be soft. I'm trying not to be as soft. Truly I am. The birds sing. It's like leaving the house before dawn. I love the sounds of birds and horses together. It is calming. And reassuring. 

My friend Marg Clarke phoned yesterday to check up on me. And my other lovely friend Lyn is looking at what looks to be a very nice house for us this morning. I remain surprised by the differences in rent. I rent this tiny house. It was all we could get and wasn't much to impress anyone with. I know that. And the rent charged for this modest little home is painfully high.  I'd never rented before in my life, and got such a shock at how expensive it was and how difficult it was to get a place in Canberra.  I hadn't wanted to keep renting once we got to Melbourne, but timing means we have to do it for a little while longer. 

Freelance begins to lick her feed bin. That's my queue to either vanish or get up and get her some more. She hopefully checks and licks the yellow bucket. And then reverses up and I have her head in my hand. She sniffs my phone hopefully before having a drink instead. That's my signal to stand up. She whinnies because Rosie is out of her sight. Horses are funny beasts. I sigh and realise I must get  moving and my tummy suddenly reminds me of breakfast that I forgot to eat. Freelance neighs loudly to me as I get in the car, but I've stuck firm and there were no extras.  She has to wait till dinner time.


The house Lyn looked at is indeed lovely.  We're a little excited about this.  4 bedrooms..  2 bathrooms!  And one would assume you can get in and open the cabinets and draws up without having to close yourself into the bathroom.  A lockup garage!  And a dishwasher!!! It does sound pretty lovely. With rent much cheaper than my house in Canberra.  And the timing suits us perfectly.  

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