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22 November 2013

Doctor WHO?????

Oh!!!!  Stop what you are doing, right now...  Go onto Google...  now!!!!  There is nothing like when society at large gets behind an event.  It makes me genuinely excited.  Specially when it's a super cool and ace event, not something stupid like "Who Care Who Big Brother Says Goodbye Too..."..  

Doctor Who is turning 50...  Ok, ok..  The raised on the ABC/BBC highbrow girl is raising her head again. I can see you shaking that head, smiling slightly again....  But we are feeling a little bit consumed by this..  I grew up on Doctor Who!  Tom Baker was my hero..  As was K9!  And what girl didn't want to dress like Leela and look like her when she grew up????? She was so tough, and so savage, and so cool! 

Heath's birthday is on Sunday.  He's turning 12.  It's been a really tough year.  But I hope next year will be full of surprises and delights.  As part of his birthday present I've but us movie tickets to "Day of the Doctor" on Sunday, because goodness, me, it screens on his birthday.  We're taking Talon too..  He has a pair of Dalek pyjamas and a sonic screw driver tshirt to open as well.  And my wonderful sister has bought him a new sonic screwdriver as well...  And as our "Oh goodness me, we live in Melbourne now!!" present, I've bought us tickets to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectaular concert/show, thing, at the beginning of February. 

I wish Heath was here right now so I could show him the Google thing..  The world is turning Doctor Who...  We love it..  

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