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20 November 2013


It's Wednesday night.  Maxie spent time outside both this morning before we left for school and work, and this afternoon after we got home.  My house is quiet.  I've put a DVD on to break the silence. Ok...  You're right.  The DVD is a horse one..  Not surprised???  I guess not.  It's "The Horse Whisperer".  I am not averse to watching movies over and over.  And I do like this movie.  My regulars readers will know that I've written previously about a hot January evening in Carlton where I was bought a ticket to the premiere of the film documentary "Buck", who was actually there for a question and answer session when the movie finished.  He's the cowboy this film is based on.  I like the film a lot, particularly after that evening..  I like the line in it "I didn't love her because it was right..  I just loved her"..

Today I finished our applications for the other 2 houses my friend has seen on our behalf.  And now it's a waiting game.  I know which one I want for us.  Last night (back to bad habits, I know) I stayed up till after midnight working on pictures that I am behind on.

I'm also trying to finalise the details of my final trip for 2013 to the Hunter Valley.  I have 2 days at Emirates Park, and a day at Arrowfield, and potentially I hope to catch up with another horse.  I'd like that......  Ironic, isn't it..  Same dates in the Hunter as last year..  As was the case almost with my September visit. 

I bite my lip, and wonder if Dan will make it.  His exhaust pipe grows noisier, and I must try to get it fixed before we leave.  He probably needs another service too, but I am absolutely bleeding money at the moment, and am not sure that I can afford it.  I will try to remember to get his windscreen replaced, because the crack is long and annoying.

I do mathematical calculations in my head, trying to work out what I have to pay, and in what order.  The money is going out, out, out., and it will continue to do this until at least January..  And it's slow to come in.  The issue with the Mint and ESP continues to perplex and trouble me.  It makes me cross, but in lots of ways I dislike thinking about it.  I don't know what to do... 

This afternoon I had a friend request come through on Facebook, from a person without a photo, with a name I didn't recognise.  At first I accepted it, but then got worried, thinking "I don't know who this is!!!!!!", so I reversed it.  My friend's account got hacked awhile ago, so I guess you have to be careful with things like this.  I did my usual burning of my dinner tonight, trying to do 2 things at once.  I shouldn't try to attempt to do anything other than cooking when I'm cooking..  I give the leftovers to Maxie, and then exclaim somewhat indignantly "It's not THAT bad" when he walks off with his nose in the air..

Buffering.  No Famous Pony, but a good little horse, and it was a great result for Mossman at Vinery Stud.
Dothraki - another winner for Mossman.

Girl Gone Rockin' - 'my boy' Redoute's gets another winner
Longport.  A great day for Vinery boys.  He's by my 'new boy' Casino Prince.

Fiorente - swimming before winning the Cup.

My little plant..  Is there any chance you think it is even more stubborn than me??  It's still breathing, despite the punishment I hand out to it...

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