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24 November 2013

Baking Queen and a Birthday Day..

Today was Heath's birthday.  He arrived back home just after midday.  My brother and I had combined to buy him a pretty cool present, plus I bought the usual Doctor Who and Lego culprits (ok, ok, stop shaking the head, I know we already have STACKS of Lego.....). 

In some ways Heath's birthday felt strange.  Ok, partly because I'm still not used to it when he doesn't wake up here.  But there are a few other reasons too.  And there aren't any easy answers.  We went to see Day of the Doctor.  Talon came too.  It was amazing and it was a great thing to do on his birthday.  Then dinner at my house, where I had all the balls in the air, baking cakes, cooking dinner, making icing...  Depending on when we need to book the removalist truck, this could well have been our very last birthday in this tiny house.  And yes, these are the famous front steps.  I get lots of image ideas sitting on my steps, and many thoughts flood my mind..

Baking Queen
I had a tear in my eye when he came on..  oh goodness..

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