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21 November 2013

(Almost) Summer Storms

I'm home from work, and from feeding Freelance.  I called in to the shops, and bought some stuff for dinner.  And again forgot to buy Maxie some food and me some laundry powder.  Darn it..  Domestics..  Never my strong suit.  I had to come the long way around from the paddock.  It's actually literally just up the road from me, but they are doing all these bloody awful roadworks, right on our doorstep it feels, because of the huge new sub-development that they are putting in.  It's changed the character of the area, but, as I keep telling myself and the kids, we're not here for much longer.

In a sudden surge of inspiration, I decided I would try to cook Risotto tonight, or Gluggy Rice as my attempts have been called before.  I can see that smiling creeping on to your face, yet again.  My sister can cook some pretty ace ones.  And I should try to lift my act a little bit. Before I begin this tricky little task though, I poured myself a glass of wine, and joined Maxie, who's on his little harness, on my front step.  

The storm that's been threatening all afternoon, is just hitting us.  He's a bit confused, and doesn't know what to make of it.  He's left the front step/porch, and is now on the window sill.  He's still under cover, and is trying to make sense of the smells of the summer (almost) rain, and the sounds of thunder.  Birds get noiser in a storm.  I love them.  I love sitting outside under cover, as I am now and just watchng them.  Just as I love lying in bed listening to the rain.  I like photographing in the rain far less, apart, that is, from the truly speccy rain/sun storm that hit Pierro as he won the Canterbury Stakes.  

The rain is getting harder.  Maxie's concerned, and he backs back along the window ledge.  He's stopped his constant little purr he runs when he's outside, and has a worried look on his face.  It's hard to tell whether the storm is skirting around us, or is about to whack us head on.  My little house has heated up, as it does, with only 3 days of warmish weather.  Not long, not long, not long, I tell myself..  I'm trying to get my head around the specifics of my Hunter Valley shoot.  December.  Not my favourite time in the Hunter.  Last year I got away with it, with tops of between 29 - 34 degrees.  Yes, as you know, hot days are not my friend.  I just have to hope for the best for this year's shoot, because I hate photographing in the heat, and so do 'My Boys'. 

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