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19 October 2013

The Silver Card

Here's a little bit of trivia.  Just as I prepare to be able to reduce the amount of traveling I have to do, by actually moving to the city where most of my work is, Qantas upgraded my Frequent Flyer membership to Silver.  I tried out the new gadgets this morning.  First, there is a cool new bag tag.  And a very fancy silver card, that is actually, apparently, once I do an online check-in, actually a boarding pass itself.  Cool eh???  There was a v nice Qantas man who came and talked me through it, because I didn't know whether I should do a bag tag.  I still printed a boarding pass, but apparently, I don't need it...  Amazing..  The fancy bag tag proved tricky to read, but from now on, apparently I don't even need to go to those little check-in booth thingies, and go straight to the bag drop place. 

And in another little bit of trivia, a little bit like the lengthening crack in my windscreen, I of course never think about having to take my boots off at security until I am right there.  And it is then that I look down, every time, at the cool long lace up boots that I wear all the time, and remember that perhaps these aren't the best boots to wear when flying.  They are dead comfortable and I love them, but they take a long time to unlace and lace up again!

Once onboard, a very cute little kiddy and his mum sat down next to me. I had a rare window seat. He smiled shyly at me. My kids love the window seat. I asked him did he want my window seat? His face lit up like a beacon. I love the way children are so upfront with their emotions. It's probably why I like photographing them. So we all did a quick seat change.

I keep looking around thinking "where are my bags" before remembering they are waiting for me at the destination. The smoke gaze has arrived in Canberra. The fires aren't all that far away from us. We are all hoping, after the carnage that was 2003, that they do not come any closer!

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