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18 October 2013

Of Cups run at Caulfield, and Statues made of Bronze

Today is Friday.  Tomorrow is the Caulfield Cup.  My head aches slightly, because I am still tired.  Maxie sits on my lap as I type.  We spent an hour or so outside on the front step after I returned home from rebandaging Freelance's troublesome hindleg.  It's gradually getting better, and the swelling on the hock is beginning to go down, but it's still sore.  Kaylene met me again, and she yet again had to hold the mare's near foreleg up while I bandaged the hind.  And yes, Freelance tried to kick me.  She missed though.  The leg is now wrapped up again, and although when she tried to kick and the cotton gauze fell off, wiping most of the cream I'd carefully put on, I hope that it will stay intact and be alright to unbandage on Sunday or Monday.

I've spent some time repacking suitcases again today.  I long for the day when I'm not living out of a suitcase.  I've spent 5 nights in my house in the past month.  And tomorrow morning I am up at 4am to catch an early plane, and Cup Day will be a long day at Caulfield.  I'm not a fan of having the feature race at the very last on the card.  We're all tired by the day's end, although the light at Caulfield around 5pm is pretty.  I will get up early on Sunday to visit a Pony, and then fly home.  Jessica has a birthday party in the afternoon.  

Then on Monday evening I fly back, late, to Melbourne, until Sunday afternoon.  I'll be photographing the Breakfast With The Stars at The Valley, probably the Geelong Cup on Wednesday as well as trying to fit in a photoshoot at Living Legends.  Thursday I am the Official Photographer and VIP Guest (one of many) at the Black Caviar Statue Reveal in Nagambie.  I'm staying with my wonderful friends the Clarkes again, in their truly ace Tram.  Rick's put "That Bloody Horse Statue" on his invite!  It's been a lot of work for him.  Friday is the Manikato Stakes at night.  Saturday is the Cox Plate.  Sunday afternoon I fly home. 

After I fly in tomorrow morning I have to first stop off to collect my gear from the usual spot. My 24-70mm lens is concerning me.  It's clearly taken a couple of whacks, and the zoom is sticking, and it worries me that it will not be sharp.  I tried to get on to Nikon this week, but they are all out at an event.  I hope desperately that they will answer next week, and be able to get it looked at and provide me with a replacement one to use in the meantime.  It's not a good time of year to be down a lens, and it is my only wide angle (yes, I still prefer the close up, but you knew that, right..).  If they can't help I don't know what I will do.  Curse..

My plant isn't dead yet..  But it's not exactly looking like it's springing back to life quiet yet.  My friend Liz has given me some advice to help it, but I am terrible with plants, and terrified if I do this it will die...

Postscript: I am at riding with Jessica. We had to do a little negotiation about the bag of apples. She doesn't trust me. We had to split them. I haven't seen Snips all month. I found Grant. But my heart fell when he announced cheerfully to me he'd sold Snips to Malaysia. I did my best to hide my disappointment. Asked where he he was. And went and said goodbye. It was a nice dream. Everyone's happy though, right???

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