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15 October 2013

Oil, tyres, water

Dan is running. The kids are in the car. I am doing the final check through the house, having squeezed our things in. We are taking less home, because I'm able to leave some things here, but Dan seems fuller despite this. I've topped his oil up. Ok. I didn't check it, I just did a calculation in my head and thought he'd need it. I've topped his water up. I haven't checked his tyres. I will try to remember to do this on the when I refuel. I'm still tired from a big week and weekend.  But I made a judgement call for Cup week, deciding saving 2 whole days on the road when I'm currently away so much is well worth it. Dan gets to have a rest. I'm flying for Cup week. And I'm quite happy to be doing so. There's only so many 8 hour drives a girl can handle in a short period of time. I've reverted to my old route out of Bell Street onto Sydney Road, not the other way of Plenty Road, which I don't like. My way is ok and will do just fine. 

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