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30 October 2013

For Bridie

I am sitting with my mare Freelance this morning. I have a precious 10 mins with her before I have to head off to work. I'm choosing to spend it sitting next to her, rather than doing paddock chores. I need her company a little this morning. My horse is safe. And safe is good. Those who know me well understand how much I need my horse.

She's dropping feed all over me, which remind me her teeth need doing. Another thing to add to the huge and ever growing "To Be Done" list. I hate that list sometimes. She's getting less feed at the moment because she's not exactly skinny. She thinks this is terrible! And that its not fair!! "Sorry Freelance", I murmur softly. Life isn't fair at times. I know that. I like sitting with her. I like the way she puts her head in my arms at times. I like that she follows me about. I like the way she nickers to me when she sees Dan trundling down the road. I like it even more when she whinnies to me, especially when she does it, with her head held high, as I leave.

Her leg is wearing a bandage again. The swelling above and thorough the fetlock is still worryingly present. It is worrying because I'm away so much. She's a warty toad when she doesn't heal well.

My nephew Talon, who's a lovely boy, missed me when I was away. I missed them too. He asked my brother "why don't all the good horses come to live in Canberra?" Fair point Talon. Fair point. They don't though....

On a final note, I am always surprised but immensely touched when someone I have never met approaches me, asks me "are you Bronwen?" Or simply calls out "Bronwen!" when they see me because they have seen my photo and know me by sight.

This image is of a framed pencil drawing now sitting on my bookshelf with my other horse trinkets. Next to Zenyatta, Totilas, Barbaro, Phar Lap and others. It's good company. A young girl called Bridie drew it especially for me. She came to the statue launch last week (yes I know, where are the images, I hear you ask?? They are coming, they are coming) and she approached me shyly.  She reads my Blog. Regularly she said, so she was able to pick me out and knew who I was.  She said she loves the images I take. 

So this post is especially for you, Bridie. Along with my gratitude, and my apologies that I only had my iPhone to take this terrible image of the lovely drawing you gave to me.  It's hopelessly inadequate, I know, and I will redo it when I can. 

Hopes and Dreams, Bridie.....  Hopes and Dreams.

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