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16 October 2013

Collateral Damage

I arrived home to a couple of disasters. Fortunately Maxie isn't one of them. First, this morning, I noticed that my precious plant looks almost dead. I wrung my hands in despair. Gave it a huge drink. And spent a bit of today wondering whether it may show signs of recovery by tonight.

The 2nd was a phone call from Kaylene. My lovely mare Freelance had put her leg through the fence. I asked "has it blown up?", although I already knew the answer. Of course it had. She always does. I surveyed the damage gloomily this morning. Nice up like a balloon. The toad. And sore. And on the hind leg of course.

Kaylene agreed to meets this afternoon. Sore and swollen hind leg bandaging with my temperamental mare is a 2 person job. Freelance kicks when she's sore. And she aims too.

She is now bandaged up. I'd never have managed it on my own. She got me once. Not hard though. It's not as well bandaged as I would like. Touch wood it will stay on for a day or two, and the leg will be less sore the 2nd time.

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  1. Your plant looks like a cyclamen, Bronwen, and you will be able to save it. If that is what it is they actually go dormant this time of the year. If this plant was mine, what I would do is let the leaves die off, remove them, take the pot outside to a shady spot and lay it on its side. In January you will see little new shoots appearing like magic. Once you see the new shoots, carefully re-pot it into nice new potting soil, give it some slow release fertiliser and away it will go. In no time you will have lovely new leaves and gorgeous flowers.