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03 October 2013

Losing a Friend

 Vale Annalie

Friendship and love is precious to me.  My relationships, and friendships, and the people I share them with, are precious.  I've had many special friends, and if you lose one, through whatever means, it affects me greatly.  There are friends that we drop out of touch with, or fall out with for various reasons.  I nearly always felt the loss of each one keenly, and tend to do whatever I can to repair things, sometimes to no effect and sometimes where I shouldn't, but that's a little habit of mine.

Late this evening I learned that a good friend I went to high school and college with, and became firm friends with on Facebook after many years of not hearing from each other, died in a diving accident last week.  I feel desperately sad about this....  

She was a bit like me, passionate about the things she loved doing and passionate about the people she loved.  I'm pretty afraid of the sea, and always felt amazed that she had the courage to do these dives, in South Africa of all places.  There are mean sharks in South Africa, and anyone who has ever been swimming with me in the sea knows that I am frightened of sharks.  

Her Facebook posts were always either about her wonderful hotel in Durban, or her gorgeous children and family or her diving.  When things were tough in my life she always found time to put a little comment or send me a message.  I will never forget going to Sydney with her to see the Dire Straights "Brother's in Arms" concerts.

This is the link to her article detailing the circumstances of her death.  I feel desperately sad about this.  I guess it proves that we shouldn't take anyone for granted if that someone is, or was, precious to you......Annalie was the sort of person who would stick up for you.

I have to get up very early tomorrow morning, but doubt I will sleep much tonight as a result of the evenings events.  Funnily enough, today had been a terrific day until this evening....


  1. My thoughts are with you, Bronwen.

  2. So sorry for your loss Bronwen. Life is precious. Live every day.Andrew McD