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13 October 2013

Early Starts

My alarm is set for 4.20am again. I hate the way daylight saving now starts a month early. It makes track work so problematic. And when I was getting up dead early at 5am to work my own horse I hated the start of daylight saving too. Back to saddling up in the dark. And now back to trying your hardest to produce an image out of the dark. 

Today I made a quick trip to NorthLAND. My sister told me of her clever way of getting there. Did I have to go on Bell Street at all?  No. I did not. Which is a good thing. Because recently I have decided that I really don't enjoy driving that stretch of Bell Street. There is nothing to like about it. This way was ace. 

Yesterday was long, and I'm still tired. I'm still catching up on images and need to have our car packed by the end of Monday, as we drive back to Canberra on Tuesday.  I haven't slept well the last couple of nights. I dislike nights like the ones I've been having. Especially when the alarm is set as early as it is!!

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