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02 October 2013

Filling up the diary

We are in Melbourne.  I'm currently at the Northcote Aquatic Centre with all the kids (mine and their cousins), seeing as the weather is truly vile outside!  I almost got blown over when I hopped into Dan to drive to Harvey Norman to buy a new kettle.  Why buy a new kettle I hear you ask?  You have a fabulous red one at home, don't you?  Yes, that's true.  Unfortunately yesterday, I went to make a cup of tea at my sister's house. 

I have a fair reputation for breaking glasses when I do the dishes, a sin that I am frequently reminded of.  But this effort was by far my best of all.  I filled the kettle up, and was about to gently place it on the holder thingy.  But to my horror, it didn't land on the holder, it didn't even come close.  I still don't know how it happened, but somehow it fell out of my hand and crash (yep, full of water) on the floor.  There are no words to describe the sick feeling when my sister's gorgeous purple kettle, which was a birthday present from our Dad, crashed to the floor.  Water everywhere...  I grabbed some towels and wiped it up and then turned to the stricken kettle, thinking 'oh please oh please don't be broken'....  It was completely shagged.  Beyond even the help of Mr Fixit, who can frequently fix anything.

So it was off to Harvey Norman this morning to buy a new one. My sister's been really ace about it..  But I felt awful!  My photos of my shopping expedition are below.  As well as some atmospheric images I've converted to black and white for someone to look through.

Aside from this, my week is getting increasingly busy.  I'm feeling a little bit frustrated by this absolutely evil weather, but Friday it is due to pick up.  Friday is now full!  With a trackwork session at Flemington now booked in for a Busy and Important client.  Then we are off to Nagambie.  Marg will mind the kids while I duck across to the farm to do something for another Busy and Important Person.  Then back to Melbourne.  Saturday looks full too!  The raceday has 10 races on it.  I have to photograph and attend the opening of the new Owners and Trainers Lounge at Flemington, which is where the new Black Caviar DVD will also be launched.  And I have to photograph Premier Napthine as well.

Next week we're down on the Peninsula.  Horses to ride!  Houses to look at!  Trackwork to do.  Heath has an appointment with the diabetes team at the Royal Children's Hospital on Tuesday.  And we'll come back to Melbourne itself on Friday for a meeting and the races on Saturday.  I've also had 2 queries about photographing stallions, so I'm pleased about that too. 

This note was originally left covering the birthday cake.  Just BEFORE I dropped and broke the kettle.  The latter small words were added AFTER I dropped the kettle!  Damn...
Lovely new replacement kettle.  On special and reduced by $40. 
I would LOVE one of these when we move into our new house in January here in Melbourne...  New toaster, new kettle, whole new life??
Atmospheric imagery.

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