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08 October 2013

The Children's

We have found our way to the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital. I absolutely had to exercise the "1 U-Turn Rule" on the way here. And as far as I'm concerned, the subsequent series of U-Turns I had to make were NOT me buggering it up. I was just trying to confuse Apple Maps!!  We did find our way through eventually though. 

The parking isn't free!!!  But then again, this isn't Canberra, we know that. The car park was disorientating. And I had to remind myself to breathe properly. By the time we parked Dan I felt like I'd been spun around blindfolded about 10 times. But we found a lift, and when we arrived on the ground floor we gazed about in wonder. This Hospital is purely for kids, and it is a far cry from the facilities we are used to in Canberra.

Once we found the specialist care section we got told what the routine would be, and found our way around the various desks and rooms. At the counter where you do the H1AC, the nice staff asked "have you seen the Meerkats and the Aquarium?" I stared blankly at him, my disbelief probably making me appear dim. Meerkats and an aquarium in a hospital???!! I loved his explanation, that they tried to have things that made it a little bit more enjoyable for the kids that have to ensure hospital visits. The other parents were friendly. And we all asked each other how long the kids have been a diabetic. Heath was the winner! He was 18 months old and at almost 12 years of age, he's been a diabetic for a decade. His results were great though. What a relief.  On our return to Lyn's, we ate dinner, then helped feed and rug all the horses.  We are having a lovely time. 

I am tired. I have been up for almost 20 hours.  But lastly, below, are a few images of my "New Boy", It's a Dundeel. I think he's smashing, and I'm enjoying spending time with him and Emily. His recovery from a hoof abscess is an anxious time for all involved. I cannot tell you how much I would like for this neat little stallion to win the Cox Plate.


Heath - "Is that an airtube pod?" Nurse - raises her eyebrows in surprise. Replies "It's a pneumatic airtube pod". She was impressed!!

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  1. Lovely photos of your "new boy" ! He's one of my faves too. Such a shame his hoof abscess has ruled him out of the Caulfield Stakes.

    btw It was a pleasure to meet you at Flemington last Saturday.