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21 October 2013

"Freelance you do this EVERY Spring"

It just wouldn't be a Spring Carnival without Freelance banging herself up and needing bandaging and antibiotics.... I took her bandage off this morning. The top of the leg looks much better, with all the swelling below and around the hock now gone. Not so good lower down, where the wound was clearly deeper and more puncture like, it's swollen and and a tiny bit pussy above and through to the fetlock.  Which made me frown, and sigh while I hosed it. 

So I phoned her vet, who's very good and knows the mare and me well, and she was able to leave oral antibiotics and bute for me to collect, which she'll need to be given in my absence. She does it every year..... 

She was a very good girl though, while I rebandaged her leg in the cool red bandage on my own, and didn't try to kick me once.  It's not ideal having to put another bandage on, I was hoping to leave it off today, but we are hoping that this course of action will stop the leg deteriorating, which she's got a habit of doing.  Her legs have just never healed when left to their own devices.  She just doesn't heal that way.  

She was, despite how troublesome she is while injured, still very cuddly and she hung about with me while I cleaned the paddock.  I love the company of my horse, and I put my arms around her neck, breathed her in, and just stood and hugged her for a while.   She is actually also beginning to look like a horse again, now that the ugly and wooly winter coat is just about gone.  And ok, yes, I did feed her more sugar cubes than she probably needed....

Ok, so I hate taking photos with my iPhone, it is just a rubbish camera...  The lovely, but troublesome Freelance, has a chat to Dan..

Signs of life????  Perhaps I haven't quite Killed it Dead....

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