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04 October 2013

Birds. Darkness. Horses.

As expected I sleep terribly. Too many thoughts rushing through my mind. And an alarm set far earlier than normal. I have been awake for some time when it goes off. I move quietly around the house, trying not to wake anyone. 

As I open the door to leave, the sounds birds only seem to make before dawn, sound the same as they always do. I stop. Listen. Draw a deep breath of the morning air. Allow the memories of past horses and past campaigns to flood back. And prepare to set off in Dan, who wonders why it is morning already. 

These are the sounds of chasing horses in the morning. Can you feel them?? I think of my friend Annalie. Doing the things she loved. Am I doing the same? Hopefully yes. Minus the sharks and scary deep water (although I guess that is a moot point). 

 I suppose financially I could have pursued I different path. But financial security doesn't always ensure happiness.  I haven't been to trackwork at Flemimgton since the days of the great So You Think. The pull of a Famous Pony, who's just won her 3rd Horse of the Year, lured me elsewhere. Again. I close eyes and breath. Are you happy??? I am....

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  1. I can feel the sadness of your loss Bronwen, but I always admire the strength and beauty of your words. Your words and images bring great happiness to many people ~ least of all me.